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Don't let NSA take your bitcoins

Droplex is a cryptocurrency blockchain using encryption that is able to protect against classic and quantum computing attacks. It offers a perfect solution for long-term store of value.

Government agencies are getting closer to finally cracking the blockchain encryption and with the recent proggress in quantum computing it poses a real threat to bitcoin and other cryptorrencies.

And that's why we're here. When regular blockchains become compromised Droplex will remain intact thanks to the different cryptography it uses.

Highly Secure

Higher encryption protects against standard and quantum computer attacks!

Protects Your Privacy

All transactions are automatically tumbled thus untracable!

Lightning Fast

Transactions are confirmed almost immediately after they're sent!

Constantly Evolving

We are constantly thinking about new ways to make Droplex even better!


May 2016

Project founded

June 2017

Early access token presale

July 2017

Private testnet

August 2017

Public ICO

November 2017

Quantum attack simulation

December 2017

Genesis block

Meet our team!

Jan Berka

Tomas Giedraitis

External Consultant: Tim Veber